Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why Connectable Jewelry is Soooo Much Fun!

Once I had my first "connectable" necklace sets, I simply couldn't resist the thought that almost every necklace design would be a lot better if it was designed to be an interchangeable piece in the first place. Even if you don't intend to mix and match your new pearl necklace when you purchase it... somehow time, fashion trends and wedding invitiations have a way of making us all wish we could have a cool and "different" look -- without having to purchase expensive new jewelry ensembles for every new outfit. Wouldn't it just be better to invest in quality pieces that could be combined with fun pieces... and grow your collection of options one by one?

Today, I am thinking about Spring 2008 and have begun to plan for the pretty and pastel looks we often design for bridal parties and special events. Here a just a few looks where pearl strands from my "Jackie" necklace became part of other, beautiful interchangeable designs:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's a "Connectable"?

After my "Out of the Blue" post, Monica gently reminded me that I hadn't explained what "Connectables" necklaces are ... and why I feel so strongly about creating jewelry that is designed to be interchangeable from the very beginning. I love beautiful, classic jewelry that is both modern and traditional and is always easy-to-wear. I also love jewelry that just "looks cool" and that , sometimes, has a punch of color. Basically, I enjoy having handy jewelry that lets me create the perfect look for anything I'm wearing, any day...quickly. Jewelry should be the "icing on the cake" of getting dressed each morning. It should be fun and easy.

So, here's an illustration using one of the first two interchangeable necklaces I created for myself:

The Inspiration

My husband had given me a beautiful triple-strand pearl necklace. I loved the "Jackie Kennedy" look. I didn't love the fact that the design was permanently "stuck" in the Jackie look. If I needed a single strand of pearls, I had to go out and buy another necklace. If I wanted a double-strand, ditto. If I wanted a longer, matinee length, I would need to go out and buy that too. I knew one triple-strand pearl necklace, if designed right, should be able to provide all those four classic looks.

The Mission

To design a triple-strand necklace set with a special clasp that allowed every strand to be worn on its own or mixed-and-matched with any other strand.

Voila! ... The Results

I ripped apart my "Jackie Kennedy" necklace (sorry, Mark) and created three separate pearl strands, each with clasps on both ends. (Yeah, it worked!) When I could never find a really good "interchangeable necklace clasp," several years ago, I made it a New Year's resolution to design the perfect interchangeable clasp for myself. (By that autumn, I had them!) Using the pearls from my conventional "Jackie" necklace, now I could wear one, two or three strands at a time. Everything layered perfectly and it was easy to take on and off. It was easy to use a chain extender and wear the long strand as a matinee length necklace...or add an enhancer to any strand. This was just the tip of the iceberg, but I knew that, from then on, I would be making lots of connectables...if only just for me.

These photos show WHY I wanted a "connectable" pearl necklace but, if you'd like to see a little bit about how it works, here's a link to a diagram or video from the Just So! site: How It Works

Get The Look

Whether you purchase custom-made pearl strands or are a jewelry-maker who wants to create her own interchangeable necklaces, here are the 5 simple pieces required to create a "Connectable" Jackie necklace:

Friday, January 25, 2008

Out of the Blue

For Christmas, Monica (my right hand person at Just So!) gave me six beautiful gemstone briolettes: 3 lapis lazuli and 3 golden topaz (more about the topaz later!)

The Mission:

To get the maximum beauty and "wearability" out of these beautiful stones. With their gorgeous (almost electric) blue color, the lapis briolettes could worn with everything from rugged denim and leather, to feminine china-blue prints to polished suits.

Voila! ... The Results:

(1) In late 2007, our Victorian*Charms collection had just been launched. I was eager to treat myself to a set of "[Bee] Silent" earrings and a matching TreasureDrop pendant. (2) I created a simple Connectable strand of faceted smoky quartz: a perfect "Sundance" look with jeans. (3) Then, I added two strands of Picture Jasper "princess necklaces" in sardonyx and white/bone beads. This natural look is the perfect complement for my favorite batik-type summer skirt. (4) Finally, with a polished sterling rolo necklace, the lapis really holds its own as the centerpiece for "business" looks.

Three lapis stones: Connectably traveling from Western chic, to the boardroom to the barbecue or beach!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Excited About Getting Started

In addition to designing jewlery and handling the day-to-day business for Just So!, I still love to create pieces that are "just for me". It is wonderful to create something that is exactly right for your own wardrobe or style, without giving one thought to whether it might sell well or appeal to anyone else. (That's not to say that is isn't incredibly exciting when someone raves about one of your own designs....that is always a huge thrill.)

Very soon I'll be adding photos and descriptions of my own personal design projects as well as projects that will evolve into new designs for Just So! This is going to be a lot of fun, and hope the design ideas with prove inspiring -- and maybe set off some "Aha! moments."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Impeccable - By Definition

What is "impeccable"?

It describes something that is perfect. "Impeccable" doesn't mean "flawless" or "costly". It describes something that perfectly suits a person, it's a gift that is exactly right for the recipient, it is a message that conveys exactly the right sentiment. This blog is devoted to all things (with a preference for sparkling ones) that celebrate and represent the good things in life.