Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Clearly a Match

Once again, a customer comes in looking for something she can't find anywhere else, and we find we can create exactly what she is looking for. This new necklace is a perfect example.

Our customer already owns a Swarovski crystal bracelet that she loves to wear with a pair of custom earrings (from us) of White Quartz and Swarovski crystals and rondelles. She was interested in finding a necklace that would bring together the design elements of her bracelet and her earrings. Starting with a beautiful large teardrop briolette of faceted white quartz to complement the earrings, we then created a Connectables necklace strand that reflected the design elements of her bracelet. Now, she has a stunning new necklace that perfectly complements her existing collection....and, of course, she provided us with the privilege of creating a design that will inspire and delight others!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just So! Stories -Mothers Day - Sisters' Story

One of the most rewarding things we do at Just So! is being involved in celebrating the nicest moments of our customers' lives: from the most spectacular ones to the touching, quirkier ones. It is exciting -- and a huge privilege -- to be a part of the best moments in life.

These necklace and earrings sets have a sweet story. One of our customers came in looking for a special gift for his wife -- and for her sister. He told us that both his wife and her sister were fabulous moms. This year, they surprised everyone by saying the thing they would like for Mother's Day is to have a week together just being sisters, hanging out and being "girls" for a week at their vacation home on the South-East coast. Because they always put their families before themselves, everyone was thrilled they actually were just going to have a fun time together, just being sisters.

To celebrate Mother's Day and see them off with a surprise, our customer commissioned a GemStrand necklace for both "girls" (pink tourmaline for his wife and peridot for her sister) with complementary mother-of-pearl flower pendants and earrings. His plan was to have one of our gift bags ready for each of them to open as he drove them to the airport. He smiled ear to ear every time he talked about how they are always doing things for their families and how much fun he knew they would have on this trip. You could just see that HE was having fun with the idea of surprising them with an unexpected gift.

At Just So!, we like to say that we "help guys be heroes" with the gifts they create and select here. What's usually true is that they were heroes to begin with, and we just helped them show off a little. It's nothing short of terrific to be a part of moments like these. THAT is what we love about what we do at Just So!

Now, we can't wait until he drops by again to tell us his own Just So! Story about how the girls reacted to their surprise "goody bags".

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just So! Stories -Mothers' Day Bouquet

Around Valentine's Day, I featured a post with a photo of four beautiful shell flower necklaces, which one of our customers asked us to create for each of her four daughters. Each necklace featured a large flower TreasureDrop pendant with a gemstone briolette TreasureDrop dangling beside each flower on a heavier sterling bead chain. (A photo of those necklaces is below.)

For Mother's Day, the same customer gave each of her daughters a pair of our Perfect Petal Earrings, customized to match each of their original necklaces. We packaged each pair of earrings in our lovely enclosure card boxes with a sweet color-coded ribbon: lavender for the amethyst earrings, yellow for the citrines, antique beige for the smoky quartz. (We also popped a little candy in each box too.) It is important to us that the process of opening a gift from Just So! is an experience that is a part of the charm in itself!

With the shades of yellow and purple predominating, I wondered how to photograph these beautiful earrings and really capture their appeal. I just wasn't sure what to do with the purple and the yellow. I then looked at the beautiful pansies growing in the urns outside our door, and the color scheme suddenly seemed obvious. As we often say, our customers often inspire our best designs -- and, although you can never predict how and when that inspiration will strike, it seems to happen all the time at Just So!. It just all comes together ... and is part of celebrating the best things in life.

Voila! The Results.

Photo of the TreasureDrop Flower Necklaces from Valentine's Day

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Confetti for the Party

My favorite cut of gemstone is the briolette: those beautiful teardrop-shaped gems that allow the light to sparkle through from all angles. This "Confetti Princess" neckace consists almost entirely of briolettes: White quartz, amethyst, blue topaz, pink tourmaline, citrine and peridot (with a few white pearls). This is definitely a "special event" piece -- but can be worn with styles ranging from a Chanel-style suit, to a sundress to a ballgown. Earrings may be sparkly and dangly (like these blue topaz or white quartz briolette earrings) or something more traditional, like the pearls (on our sterling Connectables bases). From basic black dresses, to white linen to a colorful dress, this festive design can provide the "showstopping" element to the otherwise simple and clean lines of great party attire.