Monday, July 14, 2008

Rock Candy: The Sweetest Thing

Celebrating life's best moments IS the sweetest thing.

When we began designing these dainty earrings with so many delicious gemstone choices and colors, one of our team members, Monica, said they look like "rock candy." We all agreed. When I was visiting Mackinac Island for my annual trunk show at the Grand Hotel in June, I saw a jar of beautiful rock candies displayed in an old-fashioned candy store. Then, I KNEW, our earrings were the perfect "rock candy" treats. Now, they are available in over a dozen "flavors" -- and we'll be adding a few new ones soon (because we just need more pink options!).

We are very proud of our new Rock Candy Collection. Not only is each pair of beautiful gemstone earrings impeccably boxed, but we are delighting our customers by providing a complimentary rock candy treat with each purchase. Our customers are telling us that Rock Candy designs are the impeccable small gift they have been looking for.

When are customers are delighted, we smile from ear to ear. That is what Just So! is all about: celebrating life's best moments.